Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Lady Bug Card.

Well, hello there!  Did you not expect me to be making a prescence today?  Well, honestly neither did I.  But, I have been doing some really neat things lately, so I thought that I should begin sharing my projects again.  I won't make any promises as to how long I stick around, but I will try my best!

This is a sweet little lady bug card that I made for my nieces first birthday. The theme for her party was ladybugs, so I thought this fit perfectly.  I simply punched out multiple scallop circles and added little circle black dots.

I added some brads, and various sizes of black and red circles to complete the theme.  I also added black flower buttons to the antenae to add even more dimenstion.  The red in the buttons is a very thin strip of red cardstock that I added for the "string."

Well, I am glad that you found me and I hope that we return on a fairly regular basis to share ideas.

Have a great day!

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