Thursday, September 1, 2011

Still Scrapbooking

Last Sunday, while Irene was doing her damage, I was scrap booking.  It was quite a lovely day indoors.  I stayed my jammies, watched it rained, listened to the wind and did a ton of scrap booking.

  I am very excited about that because I had been working out of order on my photos.  I used to be right up to date with my scrap booking, but due to all of the other events in our lives I got behind.  When I started scrapping again, I of course worked on "current" stuff that was "more fun."  The results were very frustrating. 

I am now only a year behind, but can do it in order with a few exceptions here and there.  But, I am off to a good start.

This is a very old photo of the boys that I couldn't just put away.  They are about 3 and 5 here with Santa.  I can't believe how time flies and how quickly they grow up.  Now, they are almost 9 and 11 and the days of Santa are gone!  But, I cherish moments like these!

Have a great day!

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