Saturday, May 9, 2009

Last stop in the garden

While I was on the subject of gardening, I wanted to show two more pictures of my weeping cherry tree with the Spring bulbs. This is such a pretty sight, it is just too bad that it doesn't last longer.

Although, I can't complain this year because we got nearly two weeks out of it!

Check back next week, because I have a whole pile of new cards upstairs waiting to be photographed and added to the blog!

Enjoy the weekend!
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KraftyKerilou said...
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KraftyKerilou said... windows got mixed up and I commented on Alaskan wildlife in your window instead of the other one! DUH!! ANYWAY--I love your tree and your flowers! They are gorgeous! I wish our lilacs would bloom all summer! Just think of all the flowers you have to look forward to all summer!