Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Fun Little Project.

Here are some magnets that I made recently. My downline, Jessica, introduced me to the concept. They are so stinkin' cute and easy to make. For this set of magnets I stamped the image from Farm Life and then colored it in with my markers.

Then you use the 3/4 inch circle punch to cut out the image. Using a craft glue dot attach the image to a 3/4 inch magnet. To apply the marble, just put a small dot of crystal effects on top of your image and set the marble on top. It will dry quickly and be ready to go.

The flat marbles are found in any craft section. They are the ones that are used in floral arrangements and such. The marble kind of magnifies the image and they come out so nicely. We did this project last night at my workshop.

But, to keep it even more simple, we just cut out 3/4 inch circles of designer paper and used that. They came out super cute too! I will have to share them sometime.

Thanks, Jessica. For this super idea. Our refrigerator is covered with magnets, but most of them are so light they don't hold much up. Now, we have super cute and strong magnets!

Enjoy your weekend!

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KraftyKerilou said...

THese are like the ones I made for Kent's hospice ladies workshop last christmas! I used the bigger marbles, though-I think I used the 1 1/4 inch are right, they are SO STRONG!! I am going to do some with patterned paper for every holiday! Maybe an etsy item?
I have a ton of marbles and magnets leftover, too..